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Modern technology and digital manipulation techniques can literally bring a persons imagination to life. If you can dream up an image, then the technology exists to make it a reality. Whilst traditional photographers often bemoan the use of digital trickery in an images post production, the simple fact is that these tools are far too powerful to dismiss. It's my fervent belief that a photographer must make use of every tool and technique available to him, in order to produce world class images. Time marches on, and by embracing digital techniques we can push the boundaries of photography further than ever.



We're taught at a young age to fear strangers, monsters under the bed and all things that go bump in the night. With these images I hope to explore this theme of fear. The first image, Stalked, is an attempt to convey the fear of pursuit that stalks us all at some point in our lives. The result of many hours of creative retouching, this image has been built from several location and studio based shoots. The video below details the process in its entirety.



Fearless, the second image in the series, takes a look at the reaction of innocence in the face of fear. Our intrepid monster hunter stands firm in the face of his nemesis. The many elements of this image have been once again combined in Photoshop and retouched to the point where, I hope, a believable image is born. Please take a look at the video below to see the process play out.

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